CNC Services

CNC Services 

Happy to say that now I am offering CNC Services to make guitar parts such as fretboards with custom inlays, necks and guitar bodies!

Large variety of lumber choices! 

I am going to use the same file to create fretboard, neck or guitar body as the template, so you can be sure that its a perfect match! 

High precision is guaranteed since all the work is done on CNC and sanded to 320 grit and will be ready for you just to finish. 

Fretboards: 80$ for cutting time + Material price

Necks and Bodies: 100$ for cutting time + Material price 

Custom Inlays: start at 50$+ depending on size, also possibility of filling the inlay with MOP or Colored Epoxy

Inlays are available on bodies, fretboards and headstock

Send me and email to to get an estimate on your project and I will gladly help you :)