Guitar Repair Estimates

Hello, I do local guitar/acoustic repair job around Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I offer Electric or Acoustic Guitar setups, nut and saddle repairs, fret and wiring jobs and much more.

  Send me an email with a description what you think need to be done to your instrument and we can schedule an appointment, so I would be able to take a look at your guitar. 

Contact me at: or 

Check out the price list then describe your what I can do for you:

Electric/Acoustic Setup - $75

Include: truss rod adjustment, clean and tightening all hardware, condition fingerboard, fret dressing and resting(customers supplies new strings), setting saddle radius to match fingerboard if adjustable, setting pickup height.

Bone nut - $75

Includes hand cutting and shaping new fingerboard nut from scratch, and fitting it specifically for your instrument. Some additional charges may be added to the price due to the unexpected difficulty in removing some nuts. Restringing is NOT included. Price excludes cost of blank 

Bone Saddle - $75

Level, crown and polish - $150

Refret - $350

Includes fret level, re-crown and set up on 6 string. Guitar with binding +20$

Restring(customers supplies new stings) - 15$

String install, oil board, stretch strings, tune to pitch and polish guitar. 

Include: condition fingerboard

Replace/repair single tuner - $20


Complete - $100

Pickup swap - $25 each

Replace output jack - $35

Bridge reglue - $150

Acoustic pickup(customer supplies pickups) - $100

Binding replace - $50+ 

This is a very difficult repair and can require lots of touch up to make it work and look good.

Reglue braces - $50 min.

Repair/Replace pickguard(customer required to pay for material) - $75 min.