Tele '58 Guitar Template 0.50" MDF/ 0.25" Plexiglass

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Tele '58 Guitar Template 0.50" MDF/ 0.25" Plexiglass Guitar template 0.50 MDF
Template that is designed to help you to build you very own, quality instrument! Very detailed, durable and easy to work with templates. 
 Specs for Tele '58:
Frets: 21
Scale Length: 25.5"
Nut width: 1.62"
fretboard radius: 9.5"
Bridge: Hipshot Tele Retrofit
Required body dimensions: 13" x 16.25"
If you have any other questions about this item, please let us know! 
Do you need it custom?
Do you want Explorer Style guitar with fanned frets? Or use different bridge? Just let me know and we can agree on design that follow all of your requirements.
More templates are coming, If you don't see a template you are looking for just message me and I might have a guitar style template that can help you to build your own instrument.